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Architectural Review Board

The Dawson Landing Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions requires the Architectural Review Board (ARB) to review and approve, modify or disapprove, within forty-five (45) days, all written application of Owners for improvements or additions to Lots or for modifications and changes to the improvement to Lots. You will experience a significant reduction in the processing time of your request by submitting your package via email to to Most package decisions are rendered within a week when submitted electronically. Please ensure your package is complete by including all checklist items found on page 1 of the Change Form found in the Documents section of the web site. If you have questions prior to submitting your package, please ask

Architectural Review Board: Meet the Team

Minh Phan



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Concept of Operations

Change Request Form

Solar Panels - Other Than Rear Mount

Most Common Violations

Architectural Review Board: Files

ARB Criteria & Standards

The ARB Criteria & Standards are found in the "Documents" section of the website in the “HOA Declaration Package in a Searchable Format” document (or click here).  Scroll about 44 pages down, or search on “criteria”.

Architectural Review Board: Welcome

ARB Meeting Minutes

Available for Download

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Architectural Review Board: Files
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